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Pastoral Ministries

I was sick and you took care of me, I was in prison and you visited me...
...just as you did it to one of the least of these who are members of my family, you did it to me.
-Matthew 25:36, 40

Pastoral Ministries at Christ Church Greenwich provide spiritual support to people and their families who are facing illness, loss, or other stressful situations. Prayer, listening, and sacraments ensure that no member of our parish family need to face crises alone. Our Prison Ministry reaches beyond our parish to encourage and support perhaps the most forgotten group in our society, those in prison.

At Christ Church Greenwich, as in most Christian denominations these days, there is a growing involvement of trained lay people in pastoral care. In The Book of Common Prayer it states that “The ministers of the Church are lay persons [as well as], bishops, priests and deacons.”

Watch the Pastoral Ministries video to learn more >>>
Special thanks to Horst Tebbe for producing the video.

If you would like to help...

We have over 40 pastoral care volunteers who provide worship or visit with some 30-50 people per week. Our volunteers say their time with those in need are the most rewarding and spiritual experiences in their lives. Here are ways to get involved for a few hours or in a more extensive ministry:

Caring Hands

volunteers make calls, provide homemade soup, or send cards to parishioners dealing with illness, loss, and transition, as well as  births and celebrations. Contact: Courtney Lees.

Homecoming Luncheons

are held twice a year for nursing home residents and longtime parishioners who enjoy a special celebration of Holy Eucharist, lunch and entertainment. We need people to make casseroles, serve lunch, and visit with our guests. Contact: Wendy MacDonald.

Community of Hope

trains volunteers to provide a listening presence and prayer to those in need. There is a six-session training course that incorporates Benedictine spiritual principles of daily prayer and a centered life, as well as practice pastoral visits.  Those who have completed the course do hospital and nursing home visits several times a month, as well as other assignments as needed.  Monthly meetings provide support and spiritual grounding.  Contact: Sarah Boyle.

Worship Leaders

conduct Morning Prayer services at River House (Greenwich Adult Day Care) and The Nathaniel Witherell Skilled Nursing Facility. Most people don’t realize it, but our Sunday morning service continues at Nathaniel Witherell, where we worship with 15-30 of our community’s most frail elderly.  Weakened by age and illness, and isolated from typical Greenwich routines, they are the “least of these” and we are privileged to provide spiritual care when they need it most. Worship Leaders conduct a similar service  with participants at River House on Wednesdays. As at Nathaniel Witherell, the people we serve are parents and grandparents who built our churches and our community; they now find it difficult to attend regular services. Contact: Sarah Boyle.

Eucharistic Visitors

bring Holy Communion to homebound or hospitalized members of our congregation on Sundays. A one-time training meeting of about two hours is required; scheduling is flexible. Contact: Sarah Boyle.

Prison Ministries

volunteers visit prisoners and their families or people newly released from prison, as well as publicizing organizations that help prisoners. Every year they sponsor “Redemption Sunday,” featuring inspiring stories from people who are leading productive lives after time in prison. Contact: Bon Jasperson.

Outreach Singers

sing familiar hymns to homebound or nursing home residents. Contact: Delly Ozanne.

If you are in need...

If you or a family member is facing an illness, hospitalization, death; or any other stressful life situation, please consider:

•    Our Eucharist of Healing (for yourself or loved one) on Thursdays at 12 noon in the Chapel.

•    Call Jean Tredinnick in the Parish Office, 203.869.6600, x-13, who can direct you to clergy who can visit, provide sacraments, and listen. Jean can also place your name on the list of people who receive prayers during our worship services, and/or give your name to a group of people who will pray for you.

•    If you or a loved one is in the hospital and would like a visit from clergy or trained lay volunteers, please call Jean Tredinnick or a member of our clergy staff in the Parish Office.   

Due to new privacy regulations, it is difficult  for us to get information about patients from hospitals and other facilities.