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Capital Campaign

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Rise Up, Restore, Rejpioce! is the capital campaign for Christ Church Greenwich.    We have $8 - 10 million in urgent needs which include:

Restoration of Historic Exterior Fabric of Church, Parish House, and Annex: All of the 1910 buildings must have substantial exterior restoration so that they can remain structurally sound.  Water damage and energy inefficiency have plagued the buildings for far too long.  The netting on the church façade and other areas is, at best, a temporary and unsightly solution.   more>>

Rise Up, Restore, Rejoice!

Our long-awaited, and much needed, restoration and refurbishment of the exterior of our 1910 buildings has begun!  View photos of the transformation in progress >>
For further information about how you can participate, or to schedule a visit, please contact Susan Reed in the Parish Office, 203.869.6600, x-17


What do you know about our Capital Campaign?

  • Did you know…the tracery around the sanctuary’s stained glass windows is wood…not stone?
  • Did you know…the interior of the sanctuary is faux painted plaster…not stone?
  • Did you know…the lighting fixture wiring was installed in 1937 and has not been updated?
  • Did you know…one of our Tiffany windows is cracked and buckling? 
  • Did you know...the engineering drawings created for our previous campaign have saved us $500,000.00 in current expenses as we seek competitive bids?
  • Did you know...with a successful capital campaign, we anticipate starting major repair and restoration in Spring 2014?

Campaign Thoughts from Carter Harris, Senior Warden

I spoke at the kick-off event in September about this image I have of the campaign as a bridge between generations – those who 100 years ago built the sanctuary – those who 50 years ago built the education building – and our children  50 years from now and their children 100 years from now who will still be worshipping here because of the work we will do.
We have already raised more money in this campaign than this church has ever raised before.  That’s terrific news.   We are currently climbing toward $5.5 million with roughly 95 gifts recorded.  As a point of reference we have 490 parishioners participating in the annual appeal – so we still have some work to do.  I also want to share with you that the Rector, the Curates, the Wardens and the Vestry have all answered the call – with one small exception and that should happen very soon.  more>>>>

Annual & Capital Giving

Being good stewards of the Church’s resources means sound management of both the financial and physical resources of the church. With several years of a balanced budget, successful and transparent management of the endowment, fee enhancement from rental income of the facilities and a lean and efficient staff, Christ Church Greenwich is steadfast in managing its resources responsibly. Your generosity to the Church can be accompanied by a confident understanding that your gift will be well managed.  more>>>>

Annual Appeal Thoughts, Audrey Schaus, Junior Warden

Capital Campaigns are specific, discrete efforts, undertaken to support Capital improvements.  You can look at the timeline out in our hallway and see the Capital Campaigns this Church has held.  They are critical but they are limited to a particular time.
The Annual Appeal is different – the annual appeal is the ongoing, yearly demonstration of our faithful stewardship of this place and its mission.  Annual support keeps the lights on, and the doors open.  Annual support keeps the staff paid, our programs offered, our music sounding, and our services held.  more>>>>

Meet the Steering Committee

Capital Campaign Steering Committee:
Jim Elrod, Chair
Marnie Dawson Carr, Vice-Chair
KC King, Vice-Chair

Peter Barhydt, Tim Carpenter, JT Coe, Brad Critchell, Meg Critchell, Terry Darling, Becky Ford, Pam Kelly, Doug Lake, Rich Malloch, Suzy Malloch, Stella Maybury, Susan Ness, David Ogilvy, Randy Schwimmer, Randy Stern, Randy Wolf, David Yudain

Ex Officio:
Jim Lemler, Carter Harris, Audrey Schaus, Susan Reed, Gervais Hearn, George Belshaw